[Interview] Changing the Energy Landscape with Tech – Founder of EnRupt

Pre-Empiricon, we spoke to our good friend Katarina Uherova Hasbani, Founder of EnRupt, a key player in the energy landscape building a niche space for corporates and startups to work together to a brighter future. 

Here’s her story:
Why was EnRupt founded? Was there a gap in in the energy startup sector that you felt needed to be filled?
K: Enrupt fills a specific gap: We build space where energy corporates and startups can work together and deploy innovations in the field. We also bridge energy and tech industries to build energy companies of the future with digital solutions.
Why do you think integrating deep-technology into the energy sector is important in forwarding the sector?
K: We are building new energy future which will use clean and decentralised energy solutions. Deep-tech solutions increase their efficiency and sometimes even render the whole deployment possible. For example, minigrids work more efficiently with remote monitoring solutions enhanced with AI technology.
In Singapore, do you think we are close to achieving the UN’s sustainability goals with our progress, especially in achieving Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy? If so, why?
K: Singapore has done a great job in starting and progressing clean energy transition. It has fantastic R&D capabilities, local and international companies that deploy projects in Singapore and South-East Asia. Now Singapore needs to push innovations in new areas. With the liberalisation of the electricity market, the opportunity will be in combining digital and clean energy innovations.
How can corporates and larger organisations play their part in encouraging innovation for energy, especially in their collaborations with startups?
K: Corporations need to create opportunities for deployment, testing in real-life conditions. That’s what startups ask for.
In our rapidly changing world, where do you see our earth in 2100 – especially with regard to our energy usage?
K: I am careful optimist. I believe energy industry will find new ways to produce and use energy efficiently and in a way that is environmentally friendly. Actually, there is no other way. There is only one future and it will be sustainable.
Who should attend Empiricon, and what do you hope to see the conference achieve in terms of the discourse produced?
K: We need to sea the reality of everyday through a different lens in order to create something new and innovate. People who want to do that should attend Empiricon and be inspired.