Temasek Foundation International @ 10 LEaRN Connect


The Temasek Foundation International @ 10 LEaRN Connect is the inaugural alumni gathering of TF LEaRN scholars from the programme. Together with NTU and SMU, TF International and NUS organised a 4-day programme, inviting alumnus and scholars back to Singapore for a controversial dialogue with Minister Grace Fu, visits to nature reserves and Semakau Landfill, and explored the cultural side of Singapore at the ACM. The event concluded with a closing celebratory dinner with guests from the schools and partners too.




Working with many stakeholders and partners was definitely challenging but exciting, especially with the commemorative spirit of this event. All of the participants came from 16 over countries in the world, coordinating their flight arrivals, pick-ups, and hospitality was a feat we had to embrace, and it was worth it – all the participants were warm, friendly, and many meaningful connections were forged.

With a very short timeline of 1.5 months, it was a huge team effort to curate and design a 4-day experience that included global topic discussions, nature explorations, cultural experiences, and a wild closing party. We were lucky to have had the support, trust, and the impeccable taste our clients brought to the table, ensuring that our job could be done smoothly.




"Thank you for making this event so well-loved by everyone. We pulled off a feat that even the most imaginative optimist wouldn’t have dared dreamed possible. I am delighted that Tabula Rasa managed to propose, implement, and execute a programme that was engaging, inspiring, and celebratory."

"We appreciate your team’s professionalism in handling the large number of scholars and attending to their needs. Your comprehensively thought-out service, logistical plan, and management contributed significantly to the good feedback received. Your understanding of event protocol, sensitive handling of important guests, willingness to learn, and can-do attitude also deserves special mention."

"Your team was great to work with, thank you very much!"