Responsible Gambling and Awareness Week 2016


The Responsible Gambling Awareness Week brings gambling operators, industry partners, and the community together to advocate responsible gambling. The week-long campaign began with an official launch graced by Minister Tan Chuan Jin and the venue sponsored by Marina Bay Sands, followed by a week-long outreach campaign to share messages on responsible gambling to the public.




The official launch was a breeze, with the client stepping in to take care of our VIPs. The challenge was in implementing the next 8 days. We put together 4 teams of marketers daily, working closely with gambling venues/operators to conduct roadshows, play games we came up with to engage with the patrons. Very often we faced resistance from the patrons as this can be a sensitive topic for raising awareness on. With the support of the operators, our teams got more familiar with engaging the patrons and we ended up having a lot of fun. We reached almost 1000 patrons over 8 days. It was an eye-opening experience for us to see gambling in a different light.